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Teeth Whitening

I offer professional laser teeth whitening, it can last anywhere between 3-6 months with the proper care. Below are the time increment of services as well as the pricing. A session requires a 50% booking fee and is non-refundable if there is a no-show or is cancelled within 24 hours of the session.

20 minute session:  $50
The 20 minute treatment is for anyone who has already undergone the regular whitening treatment and is just looking for a touchup.

40 minute session:  $100 

The 40 minute treatment is recommended for anyone that already has a semi-white smile and is looking for a whiter, brighter smile.

60 minute session:  $150

The 60 minute treatment is our most popular treatment. Also commonly known as a regular whitening treatment, recommended for anyone undergoing a dramatic change in the color of their teeth.

Tooth Gems

I offer a variety of tooth gem services with a plethora of shapes, sizes, and colors only using 100% genuine Swarovski crystals. I also have 18k solid gold charms available as well, designs vary. I can order specific designs upon request. Gems/Charms require a 50% booking fee and is non-refundable if there is a no-show or is cancelled within 24 hours of the session.

Swarovski gems: $50 / $20 each add on
Swarovski Shape gems: $60 / $20 each add on

Opal gems: $70 / $50 each add on
Swarovski Designs: Butterfly, Cherry, Flowers, Paw Print, Hearts, Window: $125 / $75 each add on
Chandelier tooth:

18k Gold charms: $120

Two 18k Gold charms: $220 / +2 Complimentary Gems

Service Charge for gem re-installation:* Existing clients have a free re-installation for 7 days after their gem installation. After 7 days, it will be a $25 re-installation fee.* New clients have a $50 re-installation fee / installation fee of their gem.

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122 E Main St.

Springfield, OH 45502



Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm

Sunday: Closed


By Appointment

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Welcome to Monarch Whitening Co. and thank you for taking the time to visit my website! My name is Brooke Barnhart, I am a certified Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gem technician. I enjoy seeing people succeed in life and feel that your teeth can help with first impressions for aesthetically pleasing purposes. We all take pride in our work and personal lives. It shows in the way we carry ourselves, from our fashion to our hygiene. Having that extra boost of confidence can certainly enhance the aforementioned! 


The word "Monarch" in my company name was chosen due to the beauty of the monarch butterfly. As a kid, I became passionate of not only butterflies, but this specific species as well as I admired how they would morph from a colorful caterpillar into a beautiful eye-catching butterfly, hard to turn away from, hence the inspiration behind the name for my company!

Monarch Whitening Co. is located at Thousand Oaks Tattoos & Cosmetics in the heart of downtown Springfield, OH. We are an appointment based shop and I will be available for scheduling your appointments Monday through Saturday. Please email me with any questions/inquiries at! I look forward to hearing from you! :-)



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